Land Acquisition

We buy land with or without planning permission and develop high quality, individual, architect designed homes which sit comfortably within the character of the existing environment.

Always looking for new opportunities, we usually buy sites for between one and ten houses but can also consider larger projects, perhaps with the potential for conversion from commercial to residential use.

Is there a plot in your garden?

If you are lucky enough to have a larger than average garden or share potential in cooperation with neighbours, within a generally built-up area, we can help identify and optimize the development opportunities on your land.

Carefully considered development of a portion of your garden can release equity without the inconvenience of moving from your family home or taking on extra debt.

We pay particular attention to the detail of design in our new schemes and strive to create houses that you will be happy living next door to.

Once we have assessed that your land has development potential, we can make you an offer or, alternatively, act as consultants in the navigation of the planning process. We are extremely flexible and willing to accommodate individual circumstances.

Initial assessments and consultation are, of course, free of charge and we are always happy to have an informal chat.